Pitch Reflection

On Monday 13th, my team and I presented our idea to record, produce and publish two six-minute songs to successfully achieve a large portion of our learning outcomes. The team includes myself, Ben Zhang, Ben McGrory, Max Hanson, and Jarrod Johnson. Ben McGrory already had songs in mind to produce, the style of which is largely piano with some heavy guitars a little lower in the mix. After explaining the technical details of our project, we then presented the following reference track for the class.

We agreed to MIDI sequence the drum tracks as it would lessen the workload and also achieve our sequencing and sampling learning outcomes. We will also synthesise the bass track, and suggested the idea of running the piano through a distortion plugin to achieve a grittier sound. A collaboration with a design student will attempt to be arranged on Monday 20th to get some artwork done for the tracks. At the conclusion of our presentation, our tutor suggested that we pitch the tracks to a game design student, upon which we agreed that the tracks would be very fitting to an RPG or Shooter style of game, though I personally feel that this may be a better idea to implement in the second project, when the game design students are allowed a little more freedom with their projects.

After the presentation, the team agreed on the roles we would undertake, with myself being the Project Manager and Mastering Engineer, Ben Zhang being the Interdisciplinary Liaison and Mixing Engineer, Jarrod Johnson the Recording Engineer, Max Hanson as Editor, and Ben McGrory as Composer and Musican, who due to his experience and versatility will be assisting with various aspects of the production. The class responded to the idea of the tracks enthusiastically, and my team are very interested in bringing this project to light.