My Interests

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share with you some of my influences, as well as examples of the sorts of media I would like to work with. As you know by now, I have a background in computer games and heavy metal. I’m also a bit of a science fiction fan, as you might see below.

Let’s start with the first theme of my playlist, Death Angel’s song Sonic Beatdown. This is a thrash metal song with a very clear underlying hard rock groove. While I might like heavy metal, there is nothing more gratifying than a tasty rock riff. In the case of thrash metal, it is just sped up. You can hear the same thing happening in Toxic Waltz by Exodus, another of my favourite songs, it is both fun and intense.

Outside of music that I’m into, I have also included the sorts of games and movies that I would like to work on in the future, and hopefully develop skills to do so at SAE. The Mario franchise is probably my favourite game series, and the soundtrack to Super Mario 64 is always a pleasant piece of nostalgia. As well as creating music to go with a game like Mario, it would also present me with the challenge of making very cliche cartoon sound effects, which would be very fun to work on. Other examples of games styles I would be interested in producing for are Perfect Dark (which has one of the coolest theme songs of any game in my opinion), and Unreal Tournament, with the high-impact voice-overs upon going Godlike, the sound effects of the Redeemer, the Biogun, and many more.

And bringing this post to a close are movies. I would find I would learn a lot from doing foley work from science fiction movies, especially scenes such as Neo first entering the Matrix, and the millions of droid and starship noises in the opening dogfight of Revenge of the Sith. Out of all of the types of production I’m interested in, I’m convinced that I would get the most personal growth out of producing sound effects and foley. I could then apply those principles to my other work to be a much more well-rounded professional.