Progress Update: Tales From the Abyss

Hi everyone, just going to give you an update on how the EP is turning out that I mentioned at the start of the trimester. As you might remember, the team at Third Ear Audio is creating a heavy metal EP featuring synthesised sounds as well as virtual instruments, with recorded guitars. This is the track that I originally posted upon commencement of the project:

We have since titled this track “Origin”, and it is the third and final track on the EP. The other songs on the EP are called “Entrance Pt.1” and “Entrance Pt.2”, which are the first and second tracks respectively. The idea behind the naming of these songs is that I was thinking of a Lovecraftian theme, as the songs are quite creepy and eerie and it sounds like the soundtrack to the coming of some mythical monster. We have even got some awesome album art for it now. Check it out!

Tales EP

Artwork by Andrew Fletcher

We will be finished the production of the EP on Friday, March 31st. Until then, here are some clips of the most recent versions of the tracks! These include a rough mix and the majority of the instrumentation.