Abyssal Art

Hi everyone, in this blog I want to give you a bit of a look into how the art for our EP developed. For our album art, and our soon-to-be logo, we have been working with Andrew Fletcher. Andrew is a friend of Ben McGrory and when things didn’t go according to plan with the design student we had arranged to design our art, Ben asked Andrew to help out. Andrew had a very quick turnaround on our suggestions and was very helpful in facilitating discussion around artistic direction.

For our brief, I suggested to Andrew something “dark, with minor light elements”, possibly something like “tentacles coming out of a black hole, or grasping the border of the album art.” I definitely wanted the two main components of the art to be tentacles and space due to the Cthulu/Lovecraftian theme. This is what Andrew gave us as an opening concept.

On the left is the version that Andrew originally gave us, and after I suggested inverting the colours, the space background fell right in place. This is the first version with the space background.


We then talked about the font choice for the EP title, and because we weren’t planning on using the tracks commercially, we decided we would choose a font from dafont.com. Here are a few options we were thinking of using.


We eventually decided to go with the “The Night Creatures” font for the EP title. After deciding on the font, we then got our final product which we were all exceptionally happy with.

Tales EP

After doing such a great job with our album art, Andrew agreed to work with us on a logo, which is currently in development, but very nearly finished. We also plan to use Andrew for our single that we will be producing “Eternal Battle”.