Third Ear Audio Logo

I would like to present to everyone the new logo for Third Ear Audio.



After working on the album art for our EP, Andrew Fletcher worked with us again to design the Third Ear Audio logo. There were a couple of different prompts that I gave Andrew for this logo.

Our team name originally came from a play on words of the phrase “third eye” that is usually used in reference to psychics, mythology and the occult.

So I looked up “third eye” on google images and got the first prompt for Andrew to try and work around (pictured on the left). The second prompt I gave Andrew was this logo for professional gaming team “Cloud 9”, and I suggested that instead of 9s he could use ears and try and make something out of that.



These are some of the ideas that Andrew gave us to try and work from to get a better idea of what we wanted. We ended up developing the lower right picture. I suggested covering the overlap of ears in the middle to clean the picture up, possibly with some clipart of a speaker cone or a record player.




This was the next step in developing the logo, which is a lot closer to resembling the final logo, with just a few extra bells and whistles added between this version and the final.



We then played around with the idea of a ring around the outside of the logo, pulling everything together, of which there were various iterations:

We ended up going with a combination of the 4th and 5th iterations, with just a 1-bar black break at 3 points between the ears, rather than a 5-bar black break that is in the 4th iteration.