Eternal Battle: Drumkit Sampling

As of Monday, we have finished recording drum and cymbal samples that we plan on using in our “Eternal Battle” single. For “Eternal Battle” I will be a recording and mixing engineer instead of producer, with Max Hanson taking over my previous role.

I recorded the drums (kick, snare, and toms) with Ben Zhang on Monday 3rd. We were originally supposed to record the cymbals in this session too, but due to Max being unavailable, we were cut short for time, mainly in time allotted for setup. Ben and I also weren’t aware of where the drum stands and cymbal stands for the kit were stored, as the rest was already in the live room of the studio, so we took some time to figure out that we had to loan them from the tech office.

Here is a screenshot of the drum recordings we got in the first session. The screenshot was taken after the session, as we forgot to on the day. This is why some of the regions are greyed out as well as the inputs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.46.14 PM

I also did cymbal recording sessions with Max Hanson in Monday’s session. I couldn’t be happier with some of the recordings we got out of the cymbals using the pair of Rode NT5 microphones. We used a similar microphone techinque to record the drums, with the same sort of angle and positioning as the hi-hat setup on the snare and toms, for which we used a Shure SM57 and SM58 respectively.

We used an AKG D112 to record the kick drum, and positioned it in front of the sound hole. We blocked the sound hole with a towel, as it was far too boomy for metal music otherwise. We didn’t record the beater side of the kick drum, which may contribute to a clickier sound which is more suitable for a double-kick pattern, and we may re-record the kick in this manner if it is deemed necessary.

I will aim to complete the multi-sampling of our recordings by the end of the week, ready to move on to the guitar tracks next week.