Game Sound

Starting last week, Renee, Magic and I formed a team to create assets for a 2D Platforming game that some game design students at SAE were creating. Unfortunately the student making the game has since deferred, but we are going ahead with creating the assets as a learning excercise instead. For this project, I am doing the improvements upon the feedback given by the game design student.

The game was going to be called Torch’s Light, and was a game centred around the player fending off a monster with a torch that took place in a cave. Here is a diagram that was a part of the pitch for the game, that serves the purpose of explaining the game’s torch mechanic. The A button turns the torch on and changes the analogue stick to control the torch, meaning that the player cannot move while they are controlling the torch.

Torch's Light Mechanic

The assets we got asked to produce were:

Monster Sounds – Renee

Light Monster Step
Heavy Monster Step
Monster Growls
Monster Killing
Monster Jump Scare
Monster Fleeing
Monster Slipping
Monster Scratching

Player & Environmental Sounds – Magic

Light Player Footstep
Heavy Player Footstep
Torch Click
Flowing Water
Dripping Water

The feedback we got from the game design student yesterday was to make the monster scratch sound more “gutsy”, improve the flowing water sound, and to continue working on the monster killing and the monster jump scare noises, as they are quite difficult to get right with the minimal expertise in foley on our team.

Another part of the team was Tom, who was a part of the original sample recording sessions, but he deferred for the trimester, which is when Renee joined the team. Here are some photos of the recording session that Magic, Tom and I did in the Neve studio.

To finish this blog I would like to share this interview that I enjoyed of Grant Kirkhope, the composer behind the soundtracks for games such as the Banjo Kazooie series, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark and more recently Sid Meiers’ Civilization: Beyond Earth. Grant grew up loving heavy metal and computer games, and got his first real job in a team at Rare making music and character voices for Banjo Kazooie. You can find out more about Grant on his website.