End of Trimester

So today we had our last day of class for the trimester, though there is work still to be done. I made a synthesiser patch and did some research on granular synthesis, and also helped a group of my co-students with using a sampler, seeing as I am well versed in it by now! This involved stepping them through the keymapper, velocities and how to manage multisampling a drum kit so that you still have some freedom in the mixing process.

By the weekend I will have done the final mix of our single Eternal Battle (apologies for lack of updates on this one, time flies!). In the process of completing my case studies, I learnt a few new techniques such as masking compression and how to lay out a stereo image depending on style,  the difference between hard clipping distortion and overdrive, and implementing synthesizers in metal and a producer’s choice of a metal guitar processing chain.

I’ve also done some research into producers not in my case study, including Andy Sneap. Andy is a metal musician and producer who has worked on albums by Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, Obituary, Kreator and more. I learnt a little bit about how he chooses to mic his drum kits and subsequently utilise different mics to resolve performance issues from the musicians.

I also watched a few videos by Glen from SpectreSoundStudios on how to mix metal drums to get a few ideas. My pre-supposition that overheads were what was lacking in my Eternal Battle drum mix was confirmed by these videos. It’s a major flaw in sampling drums, as even if you set up overhead mics, you aren’t going to get the togetherness of the whole kit playing together.

I have also gained a wealth of knowledge from John Cuniberti who has produced albums for Joe Satriani, Vio-Lence, Forbidden, Xentrix, and many more outside of the rock or metal genres. In this interview he explains how he discovered his own way of reamping due to a problem recording for the live disk of Joe Satriani’s album Time Machine.

Some of these techniques that I have learnt, such as drum mixing and designing the sound field according to style, I plan on implementing for the Eternal Battle mix and I am very keen to share it with you all very soon!