Cafe Project: Editing Samples

Since the last update, Seb and I have been hard at work editing the samples that we recorded in the last update, and recording the leftover work. I personally finished editing my samples on Saturday, and only have to record and edit some street noise that takes place outside of the cafe for ambience. Here are some samples that I’ve finished:


Since the recording Captureprocess, I’ve EQ’d the samples, as well as topped and tailed them (cropped them so there’s no sound-less gap at the start or end), and normalised the peaks through using the Gain plugin within Audiosuite in Pro Tools. This is to maintain consistency in volume between clips, as some were trimmed from longer recordings that contained higher-volume samples from using less gain in the recording process than was required by the quieter clips. This also applies to bringing peaks that are too high down to a more consistent level. For this project, I used peaks of -3db across my clips.



Seb and I have also now recorded the female murmurs/dialogue and verbal foley such as sipping and “ahh”ing, which was performed by fellow audio students Chace and Renee. We also re-recorded the scribbling as the samples of the scribbles from my house had an unusually loud noise floor that wasn’t consistent with the rest of the recordings from that day. Perhaps this is due to recording in the kitchen where there was a fridge, freezer, and other low hums, as well as the heavy gain we had to use to record such a quiet sound.

All that is left to do now is for Seb to edit his samples, me to record and edit the street noise for ambience (which I plan to do on Wednesday), and for both of us to sit in on a playtest with the game designers to make sure they’re happy with the final product, which should be happening on Thursday. The game designers Zac and Ruby hope to show their game at the student exhibition Synergy on the 23rd of August if you want to hear our sounds in action and have a talk with any of us involved in the project.