Post-Mortem: At a Cafe with Your Best Friend

The working prototype for At a Cafe with Your Best Friend is now available on, and as such some of the samples Seb and I have recorded have now been released to the public in the form of the game. The sample library, which was our deliverable, is available here. You can also watch a video preview of the game here, however this was recorded before our samples were implemented.

What Went Well

The foley recordings that Seb and I underwent all went fairly well, minus a few recordings needing a redo such as the scribbles and the cat noises. The process of editing the recordings, normalising them and preparing the library folders was all straight-forward as well and there weren’t any mishaps surrounding the accessibility of the files for the game designers. One piece of feedback that our lecturer Rose gave us was that for folders with minimal amounts of files, using an underscore naming system might have been appropriate as opposed to putting small amounts of files in their own folders. This would just make the workflow easier for the game designers in the long run. I also improved my teamwork skills through this project, making sure that Seb and I each had an equal amount of involvement in the project, and using a google calendar to plan the various stages of development, which I was successful in executing.

What Didn’t Go So Well

The fact that we didn’t get to do audio implementation was very disheartening as I spent a lot of time prior to the development of audio assets researching FMOD, and the audio we gave the game designers ultimately wasn’t mixed because they didn’t want us to handle the implementation. I spent a couple hours changing the volume values in Unity on Wednesday with the game designers and sent them the values to implement via slack, however they weren’t implemented in time for the exhibition. As a result, my name and Seb’s was credited with simply “Audio” when our full effort wasn’t properly reflected. Admittedly, this was additional help that I was offering that wasn’t in our original agreement with the game designers. We have asked them to change our credit to simply “Foley Recordists” to reflect our participation in the project.


In summary

I don’t regret working on the cafe game project, but I wish I had more involvement and got to test some practical skills with FMOD, and instead I will be doing this on my break and next trimester. Through this project I learnt some industry standard processing steps and started to think more about how audio files will work on the game designer’s side of the ┬áproject. These are definitely useful pieces of knowledge that I will transition to my future projects.