Major Project Pitch Reflection

So I have now solidified my project ideas for this trimester. This is in addition to the advertisement that we have been tasked to sound replace (I have chosen this ad from the list of possible advertisements). These projects will ultimately form a large portion of my showreel/portfolio, so it is imperative that I complete these projects to a high standard. Tonight my class presented their project ideas in front of each other for feedback and greenlighting. I feel that I communicated my role in the projects I am involved in well, and explained the intent of the projects to my class in a manner that made sense given my goal of breaking into post-production.

Without further ado, here are my projects!

Two Sound Replacement projects with fellow audio student Max Hanson


My role in these projects will be as: Project Manager, Sound Designer, Foley Recordist, Field Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer.

Max’s role in these will be as: Composer, Sound Designer, Foley Recordist, Mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer


Warframe – Vauban Prime Trailer

5.1 Sound Replacement

For the first of these sound replacements, I will be replacing the sound and doing a 5.1 mix of a portion of this clip, advertising the item Vauban Prime from the MMO Third-Person-Shooter game Warframe.


The objective of this project is to gain more experience in creating sound effects with synthesizers. I am quite inexperienced with synthesizers, as I mostly have an interest in acoustically-recorded music such as rock and heavy metal rather than electronic genres. This project should help me learn some new technical skills in this area and how to apply them when necessary in a post-production context. While a lot of science fiction sound effects that sound synthesized can often be created through warping acoustic recordings, I would like to take this opportunity to learn a new production technique.

Max and I have already generated an asset list for this replacement, though it needs some refinement. We have also spent some time in the MIDI studio at SAE creating an audio palette of synthesized sounds which we plan to re-record at a later stage. The synthesizers that we have been testing with are the Moog Sub-37 and one of the few Roland synthesizers available in the MIDI studio.


Iron Man – Suit Scene

5.1 Sound Replacement

For the second sound replacement, we plan on replacing the audio for this scene in Iron Man. This will require some inventive use of foley sounds and/or field recordings, and the subsequent use of audio repair and/or audio correction tools and techniques in order to make a lot of variations on otherwise-repetitive source material given limited resources. Our source material is likely going to be various field-recorded power tools.


Steampunk/Sci-Fi Animation Project

For this project, I will be consulting with an animation team from SAE to create sound for an animation that is approximately 40 second to 1 minute long. The stylistic theme for this animation is steampunk science-fiction, and as it is currently in production, I am not able to provide visual prompts at this time. This should be a great opportunity to add to the portfolio of science fiction sound effects that I am able to create, as well as a great experience providing original sound for a client.

Class Reaction

The class reaction was quite positive, with the lecturer encouraging our eagerness to work with surround sound (5.1), though warned us of the massive time commitment that comes with mixing in surround. Our lecturer also encouraged the whole class to get classmates that were not part of the rest of the project to master our mixes, which I will try and arrange for both the sound replacements and the work on the animation. One member of our class was particularly interested to see how mixing the Iron Man clip in surround would eventuate.

Max and I delivered the pitch of our sound replacements together, by way of powerpoint presentation on a projection screen in SAE’s theatrette. We alternated speaking roles, which I found to be a successful method of clarifying our roles in, and intent of the project. We played both the clips that we planned to replace the sound for, which was definitely instrumental in communicating the intent of the project as well. We also included the audio palette of synth sounds that we came up with for Warframe in Week 1 but were unable to play this for the class due to time constraints. The lack of questions from the class and/or lecturer about the projects indicated to me that the delivery of the pitch was well-explained and the encouraging nature of comments solidified this impression. What I think I could have done better is adding a slide to do with my solo animation project, and finding more information out about it prior to the presentation so I could establish a clearer idea for that project. I instead just tacked it onto the end of our presentation without much material to elaborate on.

Overall, I am optimistic toward my projects this trimester, though it will come with a much larger workload than I have experienced previously and it should seriously help me in developing a more efficient workflow. I am also rather looking forward to working with Max again, as it has been two trimesters since we last worked together and share our passion in science fiction, taste in heavy music and areas in audio that we want to improve on through challenging ourselves.

I look forward to sharing my progress on these projects with you as they develop! You can follow my progress on this blog, like my page on facebook, or follow my twitter for regular updates.