Warframe: Recording Dialogue

On Tuesday Max and I recorded the line of dialogue required for the Warframe project. Our session was a couple of hours, and we did this in the Audient 4816 studio at SAE. Our voiceover talent was Nick Metcalfe, who has worked as a Sound Designer in the games industry for over a decade. We used an SM7B microphone for the recording, set up behind a baffle to dampen some reflections off the glass between the live room and the control room. It is a bit of a shame the baffle wasn’t a little bit taller, as I suspect it would’ve done a better job of dampening any resonance in the room, however the studio is acoustically treated, and upon reviewing the recordings we were happy with the result.


Voiceover Actor - NickMax and I recorded several takes of Nick saying the line with different intonations and enunciations of words until we were happy with the variety of material we had to work with, using words such as “breathy” and “dark” to describe the tone we wanted.

At the end of the recording, Max and I had about twenty to thirty minutes to sort through the takes of recordings and decide which parts we thought were most appropriate for the project, which we then edited together in Pro Tools before packing the session up and having a short break before our class that day. Max will be applying processing to the voiceover such as pitch correction, layering and some slight disfiguring as he deems appropriate before the project is released.