Warframe Sound Replacment


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This was my second attempt at a sound replacement project, following my Starship Troopers sound replacement. Through this exercise I refined my ability to create hyper-realistic sound effects using my own recordings, and those of my partner on the project, Max Hanson. Together, we created original sound design assets, and mixed the project in 5.1 surround before creating the stereo version above.


I Will Prevail!

I Will Prevail

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This was my capstone project at the end of my degree, where I exhibited the ability to work within the confines of a game team. This was also my first attempt at implementing audio using FMOD Studio and programming FMOD events to trigger using C#. I was the only audio engineer on the project, and as such I designed all of the sound effects and did all of the audio implementation by myself. Music was sourced from freemusicarchive.org, including songs from The Wire Box by Bankrupt Bakery, Sequence of Evenets by Xenojam, and Involution by Rozkol.

At A Cafe With Your Best Friend

At A Cafe With Your Best Friend

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For this project I recorded and edited samples of kitchen sounds and the street noise for a student game. I originally wanted to use this as my platform to experiment with audio implementation in FMOD, however the game students weren’t willing to accommodate FMOD events from a scripting perspective. My fellow audio student and partner on the project, Sebasthian Falk, also offered to mix the project using the settings within Unity, however we did not get enough time in the game engine to do so.

Titanfall Student Animation


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For this project, I developed some science fiction audio assets for a student animation that was meant to be a trailer for some hypothetical downloadable content for the game. While the animation was incomplete, I believe my audio assets that I had commenced work on were a good example of the audio that could have been produced for the project.